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Tired of having to stop what you're doing to switch to iTunes just to hit "Pause" or check what's playing? iTunesControl is a free, lightweight solution that adds many of the features that iTunes is missing.

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October 23rd, 2015
After 11 years, I have made the decision to open source iTunesControl. I no longer have the time to devote to adding new features or keeping up with changes in new versions of iTunes, and I feel that releasing the source code is the responsible thing to do. The source is available on GitHub. This website and links to the compiled versions will remain available for the foreseeable future.

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  • Highly customizable display (see screenshots)
  • Over 40 different hotkeys that can be assigned to almost any key combination
  • Support for multimedia keys on remotes
  • Fully integrated with iTunes for a seamless experience
  • Display supports track information in all languages and character sets
  • Support for external programs such as AutoHotkey