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AutoHotKey/External Application Interface

iTunesControl comes with a program called call-hotkey.exe that can be used to emulate any hotkey. While installed by default in the iTunesControl directory, it will function anywhere as long as iTunesControl is running. To use it, run call-hotkey hotkey-name, where values for hotkey-name are listed below.

The following example shows how to use this feature with AutoHotkey to call the "Show Current Track Info" hotkey when Win+C is pressed, assuming call-hotkey.exe is in the script's working directory.

#c::Run call-hotkey.exe show-current
Previous Trackprev-track
Next Tracknext-track
Show Current Infoshow-current
Volume Upvolume-up
Volume Downvolume-down
Next Artistnext-artist
Previous Artistprev-artist
Next Albumnext-album
Previous Albumprev-album
Toggle Shuffletoggle-shuffle
Cycle Repeat Modecycle-repeat
Rate 0rate-0
Rate 1rate-1
Rate 2rate-2
Rate 3rate-3
Rate 4rate-4
Rate 5rate-5
Show Ratingshow-rating
Show/Hide iTunesshow-hide-itunes
Clear Search Boxclear-search-box
Show Settingsshow-settings
Sleep Timersleep-timer
Set Ratingset-rating
Rating Incrementrating-inc
Rating Decrementrating-dec
Update iPodupdate-ipod
Copy Song Infocopy-song-info
Quick Playlistquick-playlist
Normalize Upnormalize-up
Normalize Downnormalize-down
Normalize Zeronormalize-zero
Playlist Searchplaylist-search
Short Jumpshort-jump
Long Jumplong-jump
Song Searchsong-search
Stop After Current Trackstop-after-current
Toggle Track Enabletoggle-track-enable
Play in iTunes DJplay-in-itunes-dj
Show/Hide iTunesControl Displayshow-hide-display
Tweet Current Tracktweet-track
Delete Current Trackdelete-track