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Online Manual -> Display Options

Display Options

Disable display always

If checked, iTunesControl will only provide hotkeys, and won't display anything.

Disable display when iTunes is active

If checked, iTunesControl won't display anything if iTunes is the active window.

Display transparency

Controls the transparency of the iTunesControl display.

Use display fade effects

If checked, the display will fade in and out.

Keep display on top of all other windows

If checked, the display will appear in front of all other windows. The display does not capture mouse input, so this setting will not prevent the use of windows under the display.

Always show display

If selected, the display will be visible as long as iTunes is playing a track. The current track information will normally be shown, while status updates (volume changes, pausing iTunes, etc) will be shown over the track information for the amount of time set in the "Show display for ___" setting.

Show display for ___ seconds

If selected, the display will remain visible for the specified amount of time, when activated.