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Short jump

This configures the function of the "Short Jump" hotkey. There are four different types of jumps; Absolute time, relative time, absolute percent, and relative percent.

  • Absolute time jumps to a specific time in the track. Relative time jumps by the specified amount of time.
  • Absolute percent jumps to the time that is the specified percent of the track length. Relative percent jumps an amount of time equal to the specified percent of the total track length.
  • For all types of jumps, if the track is not long enough to allow the jump, the track position is not changed.

Long jump

This configures the function of the "Long Jump" hotkey. It functions identically to the short jump.

Quick Playlist playlist

This sets which playlist the "Quick Playlist" hotkey will start.

Store tags in Grouping field of files

If checked, iTunesControl will use the "Grouping" field to store tags. If unchecked, iTunesControl will use the "Comments" field.

Volume change percentage

This option sets the percentage iTunesControl will change the volume by when the Increment Volume and Decrement Volume hotkeys are used.

Track rating increment/decrement

This controls the amount by which iTunesControl will change the rating of a track when the Rating Increment and Rating Decrement hotkeys are used.

Delete track from disk

If this option is selected, the "Delete Current Track" hotkey will permanently delete the current track when used.

Prompt to delete track

This option forces iTunesControl to prompt before deleting a track when the "Delete Current Track" hotkey is used.